Why Baby Beanies Are Popular

Cute Baby Beanies For Your Precious Bundle Of Joy

Babies wearing baby beanies are just too cute; however, this type of head covering is very useful and versatile.  These cute little hats are quite popular with new moms, repeat moms and with those wanting to give a baby or shower gift.

These hats come in a seemingly endless array of styles, colors, materials and designs.  You can buy them in stores, purchase them online or make them yourself.  They can be plain, fancy or cute, made from fabric and crocheted or knit using yarn.

The Wonders of Baby Beanies

A hat for baby by any other name is called a beanie, a stocking cap, a toque or a tuque.  The original beanies were worn by dock workers to keep their heads warm and protect against the cold.  These hats were originally knitted from yarn and topped with a button at the top of the head.  Today, they are made from material, knitted or crocheted from yarn and are most commonly associated with babies.

Designer Baby Beanies Are Popular

Beanies and caps have become a must buy item in a baby’s wardrobe.  This popularity has been fueled by many benefits:

  • Protection – against harsh weather conditions; in winter, your baby’s head is kept warm while in summer, your baby is protected from the scorching rays of the sun.  These hats help keep your baby’s skin soft, supple and free of sunburn and wind burn.
  • Comfortable – these hats are soft, cozy, comfortable and easy on your tot’s little head.
  • Cute – available in cute designs, cartoon prints or bright vibrant colors that often match your baby’s clothes, especially during the summer.
  • Affordable – unless you are shopping at extremely high-end baby stores, these little hats are very affordable on even the smallest budget.
  • Versatile – available in different fabrics, designs, colors and prices; easy to make with small amounts of fabric left over from quilting or other sewing projects.

The Many Faces of Baby Beanies

The options for what you can do with beanies is virtually endless, limited only by your imagination.  Let us look at just a few of the many uses for these hats:

  1. Baby pictures – adorn your baby with the perfect beanie when time for new photos rolls around.  Create special memories that you and your child will cherish for many years to come.
  2. Accessorize – team these caps with matching items like baby booties, gloves and scarves.
  3. Special occasions – birthdays, fancy dressing, baby shower gifts, etc.
  4. Fashion statements – get rid of boring and dull pastel colors and go for jazzy, vibrant caps with cartoon prints, animal designs, sports or sassy sayings.

Beanies for your baby are available everywhere and can be created using many different fabrics and yarns.  These hats make excellent gifts at baby showers or for other special occasions.  Go for uniqueness in style, pattern, color and materials when choosing beanies for babies.

You can also take advantage of special pricing deals and stock up on these little hats for charitable giving to pregnancy centers, groups gathering infant and baby items for supplying expectant mothers with little to no income, and more.  Baby beanies are perfect in any weather and for every occasion.

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