3 Great Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts

Baby Shower Gifts For Every Baby

A baby shower is an event where gifts are expected to be given to the mother-to-be for both mother and baby. Deciding on the perfect baby shower gifts is one of the more difficult decisions to make.  Joke gifts are funny when given but they generally are not useful after the shower.  If you want to give a gift that will be loved and also be useful, there are many gift ideas available.

Put Some Thought Into Your Baby Shower Gifts

Yes, the temptation to give a joke gift is always there but stop and think before you make that purchase.  Ask yourself if the gift will be useful to the mother-to-be after the baby shower.  If so, you are good to go; however, if the temptation to purchase the joke gift is too strong to ignore, consider purchasing an additional gift that will be of use to mother and/or baby once the novelty of the joke gift wears off. This is a time when you can gift the mother-to-be with needed or wish list gifts.

Baby Shower Gifts Galore

You can find these gifts in almost any store you to into anymore.  Some gifts are more practical than others but all gifts are treasured and welcome.  You can purchase a gift that is specifically for the baby or you can purchase a gift that spoils and pampers the mother-to-be and lets her know how special she is to you.

If you are looking for some ideas for that perfect gift, here are just a few suggestions:

  • Car Seat – this is one of the more expensive gifts and is a perfect opportunity to pool with other mothers or girlfriends to purchase the gift that will be used for several years. Removable baby seat covers can also be purchased that can be thrown in the washer for easy cleaning.
  • Diaper Bag & diapers – a diaper bag is a must have for every mother and her baby.  The diaper bag carries far more than just diapers; it contains diapers, changes of clothing, bottles, formula, binkies, wallet, cell phone, car keys and just about any other item a mother might possibly need while out with baby.  You can make your gift more useful when you include a package or case of diapers along with the diaper bag.
  • Toys – these can include a teddy bear, other stuffed animals, activity station, brightly colored toys, musical toys, manipulative toys — the list is endless.  When looking for toys, look beyond what is most popular at that particular time and, instead, look for toys that help baby learn and grow while they play.  Bright colors, cheerful sounds or music, pieces that move, reflective surfaces and much more make perfect gifts.

When it comes to finding the perfect baby shower gifts, you are only limited by your imagination. If you have a crafty passion, make your gift special with your personal touch.  Do you sew, knit, crochet? Consider a special homemade gift for mother and baby. Small soft blankets are always needed, especially blankets that are soft and snuggly.

Wherever you find those perfect baby shower gifts you can be sure that the soon-to-be mother will find a use for it. Tell a new mother how special she is with the perfect gift for mom or baby.


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