Create Your Own Unique Baby Gifts

Unique Baby Gifts

Having a child is the goal of many parents. That small bundle of happiness and energy will bring a lot of pleasure to both parents.  However, the expenses of having, caring for and raising a child is astronomical. A baby has many needs which range from simple to complex and there are many common baby gift items that can be turned into unique baby gifts.

Unique Baby Gifts

Baby gifts come in a wide range of choices and prices; however, most of us are at a loss when it comes time to give  a baby gift item that is unique.  Where do we look that others have not already found their gift?  Instead of relying only on purchasing a unique gift, why not turn a ‘common’ baby item into something unique after you have purchased it?

Unique Baby Gifts Easy To Find & Customize

Babies seem to need a LOT of ‘stuff’ today.  Purchasing all the things needed to care for a baby in today’s society can become expensive, especially for those on a limited budget.  Turn your creativity loose and make a more common baby item into something unique and personal, such as:

  • Burp Cloths – modify or create a soft & absorbent burp cloth. A few ways to personalize this gift would be machine or hand embroidering the baby’s name onto it, appliqueing a colorful design onto it, or even creating your own burp cloths.
  • Baby rattles – pick rattles in the shape of cute animals, brightly colored rattles, or rattles with rings or other attachments on the rattle. Rattles come in hard or soft materials as well.
  • Clothing Hangers – hanging baby clothes on adult size hangers is an exercise in frustration.  Locate or make a personalized hanger that is cute and useful at the same time.  Decorate the hanger with the name of the baby on it or crocheting a simple hanger cover.  Use bright, attractive colors.
  • Onesies – onesies are fabulous baby gift items as babies seem to go through a lot of them.  Turn an ordinary onesie into something unique with a little bit of creativity.  A few ideas for jazzing up a onesie include fabric paint, machine or hand embroidery, applique, bright buttons, tulle to create a ballerina onesie, and much more.
  • Posters – babies bring a lot of stress to their parents with seemingly endless nights awake for feedings and changing, walking the floor, etc.  Gift a parent with posters that encourage peace and calmness while also motivating and encouraging them.

The possibilities are endless and limited only by ones imagination and level of creativity when it comes to finding unique baby gifts.  When looking for a baby gift, look for something that a baby needs a lot of or something that is seldom considered a gift item.  Other baby gift possibilities might include a breastfeeding cover for the mother planning to breast feed, a care basket for new mothers that includes items the new mother can pamper herself with, gift her with a prepaid gift card for pedicure and manicure that includes babysitting to give the new mother time to herself, a “My Very Own” personalized story book for baby, and so much more.  Search online baby gift stores for unique baby gifts guaranteed to please any baby.


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