Why Cloth Diapers May be Right for Your Baby

In the fast paced world of high turnover consumption of the last few decades, disposable diapers have held a dominant place in the market for infant hygiene due to their convenience and the desire for parents to minimize the unpleasantness of the changing table. But lately there has been a resurgence of interest in more traditional cloth diapers. Before you leap to that supermarket aisle of plastic cookie cutter diapers, consider the benefits of making a more natural choice.

The first thing to consider is price. We here at BabyNaturale.com understand that times are tough and that new parents, more than anyone else, need to keep an eye on their pocketbooks. While cloth diapers may seem more expensive at first, consider that you’ll be reusing them for a period of months, rather than throwing them out after each use. Those seemingly inexpensive disposable prices start to add up after a while, and in the long run you’ll save a bundle with cloth.

Comfort is another consideration. Which would you rather be swaddled in: plastic and space age polymers, or all natural fabric that allows the skin to breathe comfortably. Finally, for the environmentally conscious parents, there’s the benefit to the planet. Why throw away countless disposable diapers which will sit in landfills taking up space and stubbornly refusing to biodegrade, when a short and simple rinse allows you to enjoy months of use from all natural cloth. You’ll also want to take note that our diapers are completely organic, so you can rest with an easy conscience knowing your baby is getting the finest, most socially responsible care there is. So think twice before choosing the diaper that’s right for you and your child. With cloth you can protect their skin, your wallet and our planet all at once.

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